Friday, May 8, 2009

Easy living

So it's been a while since my last post. Here's what's been going on recently.

I just got back from fishing the Chattahoochee with Sam. Who knew that you can't fish with live bait in some parts of the river? I said fuck it and did it anyways. I'm still debating on whether or not I should buy a fishing license. Here are some pictures I took around sunset when the mist started coming up over the river.

A few random thoughts before I go on:
The Black Crowes fucking suck. They were playing them on the radio on the ride home.
Some day I want to own a Chevrolet truck. Probably just a plain old pickup or a Silverado.
I made two A's and two B's this semester. That totals out to be a 3.43 GPA with the pluses and minuses. Not too shabby. I just have three more classes and then in July I'm hitting the road.
It's just about time to start swimming and having cookouts. Maybe people will start answering their phones and we can make something happen. Otherwise, I'll just cook for me and Sam. Ha.
I really want to witness a tornado, but be far enough away to where it's not dangerous.

Alright, so I just got back from Burning Fight in Chicago. It was a lot of fun. Indecision ruled on Friday night. Here are a few pictures I took of the whole weekend.

Passed by this barber shop in Wicker Park.
Although I've been there a few times now, we still had to stop by Millenium Park for a minute.
God Bless America.
"Please don't knock over my camera!!!"
Wrigley Field. Cool. Go Braves.
Here is where it all went down.
We ate at White Castle before day two. Tim's meal alone cost $17. So much better than Black Castle (Krystal.)
Everyone from Georgia.
Chris from New York. I could hardly believe it myself.

I made it back into town fifteen minutes before my last final exam, which I ended up doing just okay on. Oh well. I got that Senioritis like a mother fucker.
The Braves just got through sweeping the Marlins in a two-game series just to turn around tonight and lose to the Phillies. I fucking hate the Phillies. Well, I really pretty much hate every other team in the national league.
Here is a current list of national league teams I hate:
1) Mets (always #1 on the list)
2) Phillies
3) Cubs
4) Dodgers
5) Marlins

Also, fuck that cheater Manny Ramirez.
Although they're both not in our division, fuck the Red Sox and fuck the Yankees.
I went to the Braves game on Monday versus the Mets. We ended up losing, but I had a good time anyways. I didn't originally plan on going to the game, but Alex and Josh called me in the first inning so I rode my bike over there just in time to catch the top of the 3rd. Right when I pulled into the stadium I ate shit on my bike because one of my grips came off as I was executing a sharp turn. Luckily for once, not a lot of people come to Braves games so no one, except for a lady cop, was outside to see it happen. I ended up breaking my phone in the wreck. Oh well. Just when I thought I was down on my luck, I looked over to the only guy who was standing close to the entrance and haggled him down to seven bucks for his all-you-can-eat club level seat. I guess it all evens out. I got inside and said hey to Josh and Alex for a minute and then left them to go stuff my face. They had dogs, bbq sandwiches, wings, peanuts, cookies, sodas and beer. It was pretty sick. I snuck Woodstock down four beers and some assorted snacks. Shit was kinda funny. Then, around the 6th inning we snuck down to about 15 rows behind the Mets dugout. I made sure to point and yell at Gary Sheffield as he was walking back to the dugout after having his slow ass picked off. He had to have heard me.
Look at that double fisting mother fucker.

I'm gonna go ahead and consider the Hawks out of the playoffs because the Cavs are gonna continue to sweep them. I'm just glad the Hawks made it this far. I think the last time they were in the 2nd round of the playoffs was in '99.

Hardcore in 2009.
Stoked to hear the new Forfeit, Trapped Under Ice, Maximum Penalty, and Earth Crisis.
Reaper Nation.
I'm sure there some other awesome stuff coming out that I forgot about.
Excited to be putting out another record. Thanks to Six Feet Under Records.

I start summer school on Monday. Fuck that. But I gotta do what I gotta do to tour some more.

Tommy doesn't usually eat the fish. He prefers the country fried steak.

That's all I can really stand to write for now.
Until next time,

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Rock And Roll McDonalds

So it actually snowed in Georgia this past Sunday. Here is a picture of the bomber after the sky fell on it.

After playing around my house in the 'burbs I drove through the snowstorm to go play downtown at the house. I drove pretty slow because we Georgians are not used to driving in this type of weather.

Since the surprise Trash Talk/Torche/Converge show was cancelled a bunch of people came over to the house and we had a huge snowball fight and attacked a couple of Marta buses.

Later on me and Ryan were outside playing snowballs some more and I decided to throw one behind me when this big nig drove by in his truck. I missed, he slammed his brakes and reversed it. Ryan and I tried running inside to find the door to be locked. After banging a bunch they finally unlocked it and let us in. Then the guy drove off...only to come back five minutes later and come a knocking on the front door. It was locked and I tried to answer it but told the guy to hold on for a minute while I got the key. Then I walk down the hallway to find every one of those mother fuckers in the house hiding. Buncha babies. We're supposed to back each other up even if it is against some angry African. At this point it was fight or flight for me. I chose flight and eventually he drove off and left us alone. Whew.

We waited a few hours to come back outside and play some more. It was then that I broke a window to the house. I felt like such a douche. Sorry about that.

Foundation playing snowballs in the yard.

Then, on Tuesday I rode with Emalee to Athens to hang out with some good friends. Here is Sanford Stadium, where the bulldogs play. Go Dawgs.......sike.

Yes it is exactly what you think it is: a Chick-fil-a nugget tray and it was full before I sat down to it.

I finally got to play some foosball on Wednesday. No one was able to beat me. Someone with some skill please get in touch. Haha.

On a side note:
The Braves will play their first home game next month. Gettin' pretty stoked for this.
Buying a new guitar amp so now I will play with two heads. Next is a new bridge pickup and some more pedals.
Texas is the Reason rules.
I saw Step Brothers the other night and it was pretty fuckin funny.
Band practice tonight.
Playing with Propagandhi on there.

Current Playlist:
The A-Team
In The Red
'90s Rock Playlist
Mother of Mercy

(weird combination I know)

Until next time...

Friday, February 20, 2009

That's what the Africans drink!

So last night I drove, along with Aaron, Meghan, and Tedz, to Birmingham for the Cruel Hand show. The show was at the new Cave 9 and the venue is actually pretty sick. Legion played and crushed it as usual. Cruel Hand was awesome once again. I made sure they opened their set again with the first three tracks from the new LP and it had me moshing. I really wish there had have been more people moshing for Cruel Hand. I mean, how can you really resist?

We left Birmingham around 11PM Atlanta time and made it back to the city around 1:30 AM and back to my house at 2:30 AM and to sleep around 3. This kinda sucked because I had to wake back up at 6AM to be at work at 7. Because of this I'm feeling pretty drained right now, but now I'm off of work and about to go to sleep for the night, so it's all good. Besides, I kinda like running on low sleep. I feel like my general demeanor is way different than usual when I haven't slept. I'll like just talk to random people and speak real slow and I kinda feel suave as shit.

As soon as we made it back into the city of Hate I just looked around and realized how much I appreciate living in (near) such an awesome city. I mean, Birmingham is like a ghost town. There is never anyone in the streets at night (besides Detriot, obviously) and the skyline sucks. As far as the Southeast goes, Atlanta is definitely on top.

Here is a pic of all of us in the streets of Birmingham right before we left to come back home.

We stopped at a gas station on the way home where I picked up Grapico. I can't even begin to explain how good that drink is. I got into a brief conversation with the hillbilly cashier about it. Here's how it went:

Me: Is this stuff any good?
Guy: (looks up at me with his cross-eyes) Shit yeah! I've been drinking this stuff since I was a kid.
Me: Well, damn then. I feel a little better about buying it now.
Me: How does it compare to grape Fanta?
Guy: (stares back angrily) Grape Fanta is what the Africans drink!
Me: (laughing hysterically) Well now I have to get this then.
Guy: Grape Fanta is what people who can't afford real grape soda buy!
Me: (more laughter, then I finish checking out) Man, you just made yourself a sale!
Guy: It's also really good with a hot dawg!
Me: I bet! Thanks. Take care! (walks away still laughing)

I have a feeling that this guy equated Africans with people who can't afford real grape soda. LOL.
That's it for now. It's 4:22PM and I'm going to sleep. Hopefully I will not wake up until tomorrow morning.

Side notes: Braves didn't end up getting Ken Griffey Jr. because he is a pussy and went back to the Mariners. Big Fat Tim Andrews is now officially the fourth Regular Guy. I saw a shooting star on the way to Birmingham and I ate Chick-fil-a twice today. Fuck yeah. Still waiting on that warm weather.

Last night's playlist:
Seinfeld on the radio
'90s hip hop hits
sound effects (farts and sirens)
nofx - the decline
good pop punk playlist
some classic rock

Until next time...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Vault Zero

Currently listening to:
Dillinger Four - Civil War
Boysetsfire - Live For Today EP
Better Than A Thousand - Discography
Unbroken - all
Terror - The Damned, The Shamed
Side By Side - You're Only Young Once
Lights Out - all
Nada Surf - Lucky

Not a whole lotta news in this post. Getting pretty stoked for a couple of upcoming shows:

Thursday March 5th @ the Masquerade (Purgatory)
Tim Barry
Austin Lucas
Josh Small

Sunday March 8th @ the Masquerade (Hell)
Paint It Black

Friday March 13th @ the Masquerade (Hell)
Reign Supreme
Call To Preserve

Saturday March 14th @ the Masquerade (Hell)
The Bouncing Souls
Dillinger Four
The AKAs

The funny thing is there all at the Masquerade. Oh well. Probably most excited for the last one because I still haven't seen the Bouncing Souls or D4 live in concert. Man, Dillinger's latest album, Civil War, is so good. I can't believe it sorta came out recently (October '08).

Getting pretty excited about warm weather. Last week was such a tease. It was in the 70s all week and now it's back to cold again. I'm a tropical person. I gotta have my warm weather.

Watched Boyz N The Hood the other day. Just now noticed that Morpheus's name in that movie is Furious Styles. Haha. That's one hard mother fucker.

Bought some new Vans the other day. Some old skool mids. Good shorts shoe. I just noticed those Germs tribute Vans the other day on the interweb and couldn't stop drooling over them on my computer, but my inner Jew kicked in and I resisted the purchase. Here are some pictures of the old skool versions, though.

So spring is just around the corner and then will come summer. I'm trying to step up my outdoor activities in the near future. If you're down for hiking, bonfires, cookouts, bike riding, lake swimming, pool swimming, kayaking, ultimate frisbee, basketball, or anything else along these lines then get at me and we'll make it happen.

Some brief Braves news:
I think we're getting Ken Griffey Jr. today. That will be pretty sick. Our lineup is looking pretty fucking solid right now. Over the break our bullpen picked up Derek Lowe (from the Dodgers), Javier Vasquez (from the Chi Sox), and we picked back up Glavine (I know he's a traitor but I'll still give him a warm welcome). Plus we've still got Chipper, McCann, Francouer, and the rest of gang holding down the rest of the lineup. First home game is in April and I'll be there. I know you're excited, too.

Lastly, I'm itching to play some foosball (not football) so if you've got a table or know how I can get one for free or cheap then holler at your boy. No spinners.

Until next time...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Life as of late...

New Year's Eve

Thrashers game (we won in OT)

Fucking hipsters

Man's Best Friend
Cruel Hand

Fucking Exams

The only album I will listen to on the way there.

Life is pretty good.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Sorry guys

I haven't been able to keep up with this thing like I wanted to. I haven't really had much internet time on the road. Oh well. I will have to make a long post when I get back.

Philly Cheesesteaks in Philly
New York style pizza in New York
Walking from Central Park to SoHo
Hanging out in Chicago
Titty bar in Tijuana
The Pacific Ocean
Blowing $100 in Vegas
Striped donkeys in Tijuana
Mexican Coke
Del Taco
In & Out Burger
Spraying Matt with a fire extinguisher
Fine Scooty
Playing with Hyper Crush
Atlanta for ruling

The Midwest
Having to cancel shows
Sketchy promoters
Blowing $100 in Vegas
Playing with Hyper Crush
Tomdom's breath

This might be my last post til I get back home. We'll see. I hope you enjoyed yourself.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

God Damn We're Bad

"My bag's packed up
My boots are tied tight
I hope I don't get in a fight"

Well, it's Sunday night and I'm just now finishing getting my bag packed up. Tomas is picking David and me up tomorrow morning and then I would like to think that we would be getting in some water shortly thereafter. I think Have Heart and Verse might be coming up to swim with us in lake Lanier, but I have a feeling that might not happen because it's a pretty good distance from MJQ. We'll see. Here is where you can find me tomorrow night. I hope to see everyone there.
Oh yeah, I quit my job at Sam's Club. Saturday was my last day, but I have three managers that say they will hire me back when I get home if I want my job back. Why they couldn't just give me a leave of absence or just leave me off the schedule for a month is beyond me. Just in case I don't come back I made sure that I got my severance package.

Today I picked up Half Baked and Heavyweights so that we can watch them in the van. I already owned Half Baked on VHS, but that format is for dinosaurs now. Let's talk about Heavyweights for a minute. Well, let me include a picture of the movie cover in case you need a quick reminder.
This movie rules. Period. And if you don't like it you're a faggot. This shit got me through some really tough times. Back when I was a little porker I used to watch this movie and it would give me hope for being fat because the fat kids actually ended up beating those punk ass rich campers in the Apache Relay. Fuck those kids for vandalizing Camp Hope. Chipmunks! Download!

Here's some cool tour stuff I found out recently. First off, we're playing with Green Jelly in Corpus Christi, TX. If you have not heard of this band, that is perfectly fine. Here is a pic from their live show. Check 'em out:
Also, we're playing a few shows with Hostage Calm. I think they're playing Nashville, Tucson, Baltimore, and Wallingford (Conn) with us. That new LP is so solid. Here is their link: Do yourself a favor and check them out.

Lastly, we were just added to the This Is Hardcore pre-show in Lemoyne, PA on Thursday, August 21st. I will probably have to skip a few classes to fly up there in time for the show, but I'm not worried about it. I would guess that the show is at Championship Vinyl, which is a pretty cool venue. Other featured acts include Death Threat, Forfeit, Kids Like Us, and maybe a few more.

On a side note, my mom bought me new socks and underwear today. Thanks Mom. Hanes boxer briefs as usual, but this time I was daring and went with a few colored ones even though I hate colored ones. LOL. I also bought an ipod charger for 9 bucks thanks to an old weed buddy of mine's Best Buy discount. Pretty happy about that one.

This seems like a good stopping point for this entry. I hope it has been as enjoyable for you as it was for me. This will probably be the last entry I write until I have left Atlanta so expect a new post around mid-week. Cheers!
Currently playing:
Youth of Today - Everything
...into some ZZ Top (some times you just gotta let it play)
Regulations - S/t
Rod Stewart - Every Picture Tells A Story
Converge - You Fail Me
Fugazi - 13 Songs